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Our services include:

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Sina Weibo and WeChat users have covered billions of populations across the globe. Leveraging on social media is important for engaging your fans, existing and potential customers.

Effective Social Media Marketing can bring significant benefits to your business through helping to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, build loyalty with audiences, drive website traffic and generate sales. We help you design and develop the total social media marketing solution, from building a fan page, managing content, increasing the customers’ engagement to generating sales via strategic planning, creative production, optimization and result tracking.

What’s more, our design and video production team will provide you with innovative and diversified ideas on content and ad promotion to increase the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing campaigns.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Increase brand awareness with sophisticated audience targeting and retargeting
  • Drive traffic to your website and at the same time drives SEO
  • Build relationship and engagement with your customers
  • Comprehensive ad type, with visual, video and ad format


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