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Our services include:

Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can reach local and overseas customers who are searching for your products and services, whether browsing the search engine through mobile, tablet or desktop. Our team will work closely with you, discuss the campaign strategies, set up the campaigns for you and then continuous monitor the campaigns. We will take care of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns so you can focus on turning your leads into sales and other business issues in your companies. We will manage keywords, title and description and other campaign settings for your campaign. Through tracking and web analytics, we can further optimize your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and monitor the results to reach your marketing objectives and KPI. Equipped with the latest technology and knowledge, we utilize industry recognized and our proprietary tools to transform data into valuable market insights, and ultimately into actions.

Search Platforms:

  • Google, New iMedia is PREMIER Google Partner for 6 years. You can place ad in Hong Kong and over 200 overseas countries
  • Yahoo!, New iMedia is GOLD Authorized Reseller for 13 years. The No.1 portal in Hong Kong and you can place your ad through Bing! Network & display network at Yahoo homepage
  • Baidu, New iMedia is the agency of Baidu. The No. 1 search platform in China helps to raise your brand awareness in China market
  • QS360, New iMedia is the agency of QS360. The No. 2 search platform in China helps to explore the potential market in China


Benefits of SEM:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertisement that can bring your website in higher position in search page in mobile, tablet and desktop
  • You only pay when customers click your ad, the impressions generated are free
  • You can specify the ad description by highlighting the benefit of your product and service
  • You can use analytical tool to further enhance the ad effectiveness


Other Solutions to facilitate ad tracking & optimization:

  • Ad Tracking Code Installation Services
    • GTM Installation
    • Event Tracking Creation
    • Google Analytics Installation
  • Other Reporting Services
    • PPC Alert Services
    • Google Analytics Analysis Report


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