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Our services include:

Using Ad Network to promote your business across hundreds of thousands of websites, mobile apps and social platforms in different platforms and ad formats. The scale can be mass and the price is cost-effective. We offer different targeting tactics like demographics, interest, contextual, placement and as well as remarketing to look for the right customer segments from thousands of sites. You can choose from Google Display Network (GDN), Yahoo! Stream ad and Google Gmail Sponsored Promotions, etc. Or if you are determined to place your ad in specific site with specific position, we have 100+ media network who can offer you a pre-defined position for a pre-specified period. We also offer other trusted and reputable programmatic ad network to suit your needs. What’s more, we will design the banner for you and re-size the banners in different specifications to meet the sites’ requirement, providing fascinating design in visual to attract the customers for clicking your ad.

Ad Platforms:

  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Google Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
  • Yahoo! Stream Ad (Native Ad)
  • Yahoo! HK Banner Ad
  • 100+ media network including,,,….
  • Programmatic Ad networks


Benefits of Ad Network:

  • Relatively lower cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM) to optimize your budget for the most coverage. Good for branding and awareness campaigns
  • With sophisticated targeting tactics, you can reach potential customers in right sites
  • Remarketing is applicable and it can improve ROI
  • Attractive banner ad with photo, visual, video for higher click through rate (CTR)


Other Solutions – Programmatic Ads:

  • Helping you to access wide range of audiences data and also show the ad via multi-platform, which cover 1st party and 3rd party segments, so as to reach more target audiences precisely 


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